What About the Data?

Something that really pissed me off about the crime lab scandal that no one is talking about is that every statistic about driving and alcohol, marijuana and/or other drugs in Colorado is called into question. Any research or studies based on those numbers should have an asterisk next to it saying that the stats are questionable. The data is now tainted.

Since Burbach did everything she could to please the prosecution, since technicians weren’t properly trained, since we don’t know if the equipment was properly maintained and calibrated, how will we ever be able to trust the numbers coming from the CDPHE? How much of this did David Blake, AG Suthers’ mouthpiece, know about this and when? He had ample opportunities to apprise the legislature about this issue, but did he?

Shame on Cynthia Burbach and Chris Urbina for putting personal opinion above good science! Shame on everyone and anyone who knew about this and said nothing! And shame on those who knowingly endorsed legislation (HB13-1314 and HB13-1325) based on false data!

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