Colorado must carefully define “public consumption” of marijuana – The Denver Post

tumblr_mdxllaceyQ1r9bik5o1_500The Colorado General Assembly couldn’t agree on a definition of “open and public” in regards to marijuana use, so they left the locals to figure it out.

Differing opinions about the propriety of visible pot consumption, punishments for the smell infringing on a neighbor and the intent of new law itself are on a collision course.

There’s also the issue of defining an “open container” of marijuana in a motor vehicle. With booze, it’s a simple matter: If the seal is broken, generally speaking you’re in trouble with the law if you’re pulled over. But when is marijuana kept in a plastic bag an “open container”?

It’s important for Colorado policymakers to get these issues right, and not recriminalize small-time, recreational marijuana use or possession, or push into secrecy something voters supported.

It’s also crucial that police have policy guidance on how to enforce the law.

Read the full story: Colorado must carefully define “public consumption” of marijuana – The Denver Post.

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