How do marijuana taxes compare?

On Tuesday, Colorado voters will decide whether or not to overtax marijuana. How do state pot taxes compare to other so-called “sin taxes,” charges on goods deemed unnecessary or even harmful? Take a look:

MARIJUANA: Colorado voters are considering a 15 percent excise tax and a 15 percent special marijuana sales tax, in addition to regular sales taxes and local taxes. The special sales tax will start at 10 percent, but can be raised or lowered up to 15 percent without another vote of the people, circumventing TABOR.

BEER: 8 cents per gallon

WINE: 28 cents per gallon

LIQUOR: $2.28 per gallon

CIGARETTES: 84 cents per 20 cigarettes

CANDY/SODA: Candy and soda in Colorado are subject to 2.9 percent state sales taxes, plus additional local sales taxes.

Colorado’s alcohol taxes are the fourth lowest in the nation.

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