Answered: Is marijuana allowed in Sea-Tac Airport?

Answered: Is marijuana allowed in Sea-Tac Airport? - The Pot Blog

Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport has elected to handle the issue of marijuana quite differently from Denver International Airport where marijuana of any kind and for any reason is banned on all airport property.

Basically, since Sea-Tac is owned and run by the Port of Seattle and not federal property, Washington’s marijuana laws under I-502 apply there. So, it’s legal for adults 21 and over to have up to an ounce on their person. And all the other rules apply, too: No displaying or using in public, no selling or handing out, etc., said Perry Cooper, a spokesman with the Port of Seattle for Sea-Tac Airport.

The situation is different in Colorado, where several airports have banned marijuana, because the law there, established under Amendment 64, allows local jurisdictions to ban it. As the Denver Post writes: The law specifically allows any entity “who occupies, owns or controls a property” to set its own marijuana rules at that property.

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