NFL commissioner mulls allowing medical marijuana

The National Football League would “consider” allowing athletes to use medical marijuana if doctors said it would help treat head injuries, league commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday.

The NFL, which has been heavily criticized in recent years for players’ concussions brought on by season after season of hard knocks, has a strict anti-drug policy that includes marijuana. Multiple marquee players have been suspended for marijuana use, including Von Miller of the Super Bowl-bound Denver Broncos, who was suspended the first six games of the regular season for violating its drug policy.

Goodell, speaking at a Head Health Challenge event where the league and its partners were awarding innovators in “protecting the brain from traumatic injuries,” was likely responding to criticism over the league’s policy on marijuana — part of which is being led by marijuana reform group NORML, which just announced a Super Bowl bet between its agencies in Colorado and Washington to protest the league’s stance.

via Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, mulls allowing medical marijuana.

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