Born to be an advocate?

It was 1972. I was in Eighth Grade. Editor of my middle school paper, the Viking Venture. Already an advocate, a peacemaker, a psychologist, a sociologist. Sometimes who you are meant to be is inside you all along. Fresh off the mimeograph machine…

Easy to Be Cold

Easy to Be Cold

How can people be so heartless? How can they ignore their friends? It’s easy. It’s easy to be cold. The first few words of this song express how you feel when you’ve been hurt — deeply hurt.

You know how it is. Someone hurts you, so you want revenge… revenge on the whole world. It seems that everyone hates you. It hurts.. it really hurts. Cruelty, rudeness, carelessness.. they all hurt. The world’s people are mankind’s critics, mankind’s hypocrites.

People talk about brotherhood and love. What is it? Is it reality? Or a dream?

It usually starts when someone is a little better at something than you are. Envy. You want to make him seem less than you are, so you put him down. You hurt him. Then someone gets on his side, so you get put down. It’s just one big hopeless circle. It doesn’t always happen this way, but it does happen.

Let’s try to understand each other. Find the good points. Look at the future, not the past. Let’s bring brotherhood into our lives. Try a little kindness. Be a brother or a sister for the help of mankind.

Don’t be afraid to say I love you… to say I care… to give your help…to offer your feelings. A friendly handshake, a happy smile, a warm greeting can make your day and everyone else’s.

Don’t make it “Easy to Be Cold.” Make it “Easy to Love.”

Why don’t you love your neighbor?

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