Colorado Springs City Council: No consideration for patients in airport policy

Tuesday afternoon, the Colorado Springs City Council voted to ban all marijuana on any city or airport property for any reason. Even the needs of medical marijuana patients got no special consideration. This is a letter to the City Council in response to their decision by local citizen, Bob Wiley.

Dear Council,

I was in shock that there was not a single syllable of discussion from anyone on Council after citizen input yesterday. Was the possession ordinance a forgone conclusion and that Council would disregard patient or worker issues?

When Colorado voters passed Amendment 20 and Amendment 64 we reclaimed a tiny bit of sovereignty and declared that we no longer be enforcing certain federal marijuana laws. Colorado would enact and enforce our own new State marijuana laws instead. For the city to throw medical marijuana patients under the bus in the name of federal “drug free workplace” policy is reprehensible. As I mentioned in public comment, the US Attorney General’s guidance to states with marijuana reform laws made no mention of “drug free workplace” policy.

DOJ memorandum: Guidance Regarding Marijuana Enforcement:

Colorado voters legalized medical marijuana in 2000 and since that time patients have exercised their constitutional right to possess two ounces on their person. We have over 15,000 registered patients in El Paso County who should not be denigrated for possession of their medicine which is much less harmful than nearly any of the drugs prescribed by our physicians. What is the purpose of telling these patients to “leave the building” when we have been presented no evidence of harms caused by possession of marijuana for either medical or adult use on city property?

As for the airport, TSA leaves marijuana enforcement up to local law enforcement officials. Granted we do not want to facilitate marijuana being transported to another state, but to essentially prohibit any medical marijuana patient from traveling with their medicine or working at an airport concession is a Draconian overreach of nanny state mentality. Can we carve out reasonable accommodations here?

TSA list of prohibited items: Marijuana is not on the list.

Many may be unaware of recent Congressional hearings where ONDCP and DEA officials have been unable to defend federal anti-marijuana positions. At a time our federal policy is being exposed for falsehoods, and fabrications, why is it that our city officials are using the same failed federal policy as rationale to prevent patients from access to their medicines? This was not a good day for the “City For Champions”.

ONDCP Deputy Director unable to answer questions during hearings:

DEA Administrator Leonhart unable to respond to questions about marijuana

With deepest concerns:

Robert Wiley
Citizen Advocate

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