Can Cops Really Prove You’re High?

From Discovery News:
Cops can use a breathalyzer to test if you’re drunk… but what if you’re high? With marijuana legal in two US states now, Trace shows us the test law enforcement plans to use to see if you’ve been driving stoned.

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The Confusing Science of Stoned Driving…
“The trick, when it comes to marijuana and driving, involves determining what exactly “dangerously impaired” means.”

Smoke and Mirrors: Driving While High on Marijuana Doubles One’s Chances of a Serious Car Crash…
“Booze is behind an estimated 2.1 million car accidents each year in the U.S.-which cause almost 11,000 traffic fatalities annually.”

DWI Versus DW-High…
“Is it more dangerous to drive drunk or stoned?”

Driving Under the Influence, of Marijuana…
“Despite our results, I still think that marijuana contributes to crash risk, only that its contribution is not as important as it was expected.”

Up in Smoke: Police Drug-Detection Tactics…
How the cops try to find out if cannabis is your co-pilot.

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