Common sense advice for parents on how to talk about marijuana

mag0303 talkA3.rAlong with being an author and expert on open adoption, my dear friend Lori Lavendar Luz (Lori Holden) is a phenomenal mother and blogger! She writes about the daily joys and pains of parenting with love, common sense and and a big dose of humor.

When she decided to address the issue of how to talk to your kids about marijuana in a recent post, she did it with her typical flavor and flair. Her honest approach to a challenging topic is insightful and refreshing.

For parents struggling with how to start the conversation, Lori suggests taking advantage of “dropped pebbles,” those valuable “teaching moments” as conversation starters.

With a story about marijuana on the news just about every day, there are lots of opportunities to seize on one and see if your tween joins you. A dropped pebble might sound like, People are putting marijuana in food? Look what they’re saying on this news story. Or, for the older child How many words do you know for marijuana?

But once you’ve seized the moment, what do you say? 

Lori offers some great tips and advice for parents on how to talk to kids about marijuana (and a whole lot of other difficult subjects). She even has suggestions for how to handle that trickiest of questions: “Mommy, did you smoke pot?”

Get the answers and advice you’ve been looking for: How to Talk with Your Tweens & Teens about Marijuana

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