Drug-endangered child bills may be dead, but parents are still at risk

Mom smokes potSB14-177 and SB14-178, a set of bills defining a drug-endangered child, failed on the floor of the Colorado Senate yesterday. On a vote of 15-20, three Democrats sided with the Republicans in a roll-call vote to defeat both bills.

Parents aren’t out of the woods yet. Just because the Drug-Endangered Child bills failed, doesn’t mean parents are safe to do whatever they want around their children. The existing child abuse and endangerment laws are still on the books in Colorado. We just kept them from getting worse.

It’s important that parents be especially responsible now.

  • Keep your grow “locked and enclosed.”
  • Store edibles safely out of reach of young children.
  • No blasting around the kids.
  • Don’t drive impaired, especially with youngsters in the car.
  • Talk to your children about respecting cannabis and waiting until they’re 21.
  • Consume in moderation.

The proponents of these bills were right about one thing: the laws need to be changed. In this new world of legal marijuana, first responders, mandatory reporters, educators, law enforcement officers and social workers all need new guidance and training. With more confusing, and often sensationalized, stories coming from the media everyday, parents and the public are left wondering what to think.

Yes, we still have work to do to protect parental rights. Laws need to be updated to reflect the new reality of legal marijuana. Rather than turning loving parents into criminals, let’s move together into a future that actually treats marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. And treats consumers of both more equally as well.

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