How Not To Kill Yourself With Household Items

poison_bottle-1Do you ever wonder, “How much of this can I accidentally ingest before I die?” Yeah, so do we. For your safety (and enjoyment) here’s a bunch of stuff you should only enjoy in small quantities or not at all. Some things just don’t belong in your mouth.

Obligatory warning followed by a heavy sigh: Don’t try any of this at home, okay? Just take our word for it.

For example…

Cinnamon – 40 Tablespoons
One tablespoon of cinnamon has resulted in thousands of videos of people coughing and choking on YouTube. Thankfully it’s not the 40 tablespoon challenge, which could result in fatal benzaldehyde poisoning.​

Carrots – 39 Pounds
If you find yourself eating 24 carrots a week (roughly four pounds) for eight months, you’ll turn orange and resemble Ernie, a condition called Carotanemia. Eating approximately 215 carrots (39 pounds) can cause carotenoid poisoning, which is fatal.

Blue Cheese – 22 Pounds
Blue cheese will make you smell a little ripe. Thank Penicillum Roqueforti for that. Its putrid fragrance and rich flavor comes with enough toxin to kill you if you eat about 22 pounds. It’s definitely one of the stinkiest ways to die.

For more, visit How Not To Kill Yourself With Household Items – Digg.

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