My Beloved

You never know what you’ll find when you google yourself.

I just found a poem I wrote years ago for my soulmate, now husband, published on someone else’s blog. They did give me credit, otherwise I never would have known. But it was really weird to run across it since I don’t know who’s blog this is or how they got my poem. I don’t remember ever publishing it anywhere, but I may have. Anyway, it’s as true now as ever. You’re still my beloved, Greg Duran.

Eyes of My Beloved

I sit silently facing my beloved
Our hands touching softly
Gazing into those eyes I love so well
Eyes so familiar through centuries of lifetimes together
The eyes of my Beloved

Those eyes were what I recognized first
When we found each other in this life
Eyes I had looked upon so many times before in so many faces
Wells so deep I could see my Beloved’s soul
And touch the Being of pure light and love inside

I long to lose myself in those eyes as they draw me in
Beckoning me to take refuge in the lush fertile valley of this beautiful soul
There I find a sanctuary of eternal peace and contentment
Filled with gentle breezes
That caress me softly and whisper words of love<

My Beloved’s eyes are pools of clear clean refreshing water
Like mirrors reflecting only my true self back to me
I dive in with all my heart and soul
I splash swim play frolic
Like an orphan who has finally found her home

When tears of pain sorrow or anguish
Flow from those eyes I love so well
My soul cries out with agony
Come! Gaze into my eyes
The comfort you have longed for awaits you here

In the eyes of your Beloved

~ by Teri Robnett

Found at True Spirit Blog:

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  1. Here’s a piece of another one I wrote:

    When we are apart, I lie awake at night
    making love to the space between us
    your fingertips are tracing my tongue
    I draw you into my dreams
    the sky folds around us
    the stars feel like rain
    and from so far away
    you look like a tiny grain of sand
    but you feel like the ocean
    you remind me of the home I knew
    before I knew I’d left it.

    Found at


  2. Nice! It’s funny the things we can find on the internet sometimes. I like the poem!


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