Happy birthday, Karla! You’re my inspiration!


Rx MaryJane with Karla during her visit to Colorado.

I’m often asked what motivates me; why I do what I do. My answer is always about the people who have blessed my life and shared their story.

One very special person is my “sister” Karla. (The people who really know me have already heard her story.) Cannabis could really help her with the pain she suffers due to a back injury, but she lives in a southern state where the use of marijuana is still illegal.

I want safe legal access to medical marijuana for her so badly! I know that what I can do to treat my pain here in Colorado would help her in her state too. Every edible I eat, every bowl I fill, reminds me that I can do here at home what people in other states would be put in jail for doing.

When I work here in Colorado, I remember that what we do here sends ripples out into the Universe. And one day, maybe, if I work really hard, if I say the right things to the right people, my sister Karla will have in South Carolina what I have here in Colorado: the blessing of safe legal access to marijuana! So I work everyday for her and for everyone like her.

Happy birthday Karla! (Her birthday was yesterday.) We may not be sisters by blood, but we will always be sisters at heart. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for cheering me on. I love you, my Southern Sister.

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