Log Lane Village Welcomes The Green Stop

World’s First Ribbon Cutting Celebration for the Legal Marijuana Industry

greenstop photo

LOG LANE VILLAGE, Colorado – September 24, 2014

The Green Stop, the first regulated marijuana business in Morgan County, will host a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting at noon on Friday, September 26, 2014, in Log Lane Village. This is the world’s first official ribbon cutting ceremony for a legal marijuana business.

Opening The Green Stop is more than just a business venture for owner Zac Larsen. It’s a labor of love. The Larsens have been successfully treating their young son Kingsley’s seizures with a form of concentrated oil from marijuana. Having their own medical marijuana center will ensure continued access to a consistent supply of quality medicine for their child.

“It’s had such a positive effect on our life, we wanted to share it with other people,” Larsen said.

Although Morgan County has instituted bans on both medical and retail marijuana, in February 2014, the Board of Trustees of Log Lane Village approved both medical and retail marijuana businesses within the town limits, allowing for 3 shops each. The town is already growing rapidly, having approved all 6 licenses and annexing additional property to accommodate them.

Mayor Ed Parker and the Trustees have fully embraced marijuana in Log Lane Village, and are committed to responsible oversight of this budding new industry. Determined to address concerns from everyone in the community, the town has hosted several public educational events to allow community members to ask questions and get information.

“The process and working with the Board and residents has been a very positive experience,” said Mayor Parker. “Most of the residents in town are looking forward to it. We’re excited about the revenue that can be generated for the town and what we can do with it.”

When asked about any concerns going forward, Mayor Parker said, “We’ve pretty much addressed everything we’ve needed to.”

The Green Stop is located just off of I-76 at 130 Maine Street in Log Lane Village, Colorado. They are currently recruiting medical marijuana patients that will designate them as their Medical Marijuana Center.




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