Gratitude for an amazing couple of days


Sometimes I have to step back and marvel at my life. I don’t talk a lot about the work I do as a marijuana patients rights advocate; I just do it. But then it hits me…

We’re making history here! We’re changing lives!

Yesterday my husband and I had a long conversation with a father about using cannabis oil for his daughter with brain cancer. He’s scared and confused and desperate.

Then I worked to bring attention to the grand opening of a new marijuana business that will bring easier access to medical marijuana to patients and badly needed revenue to a little town. Oh the places they’ll go!

Yesterday evening we went to a backyard outreach event for Colorado Governor Hickenlooper and talked to his staff about why he’s not getting much support for his re-election from the marijuana community. Can you say rat-cages?

This morning, I sat on the Scientific Advisory Committee, a panel of medical experts appointed to review grants for medical marijuana research, and discussed the state of current research and what sorts of grant applications we might expect to see.

Because of the work we started back in February, today in Log Lane Village, a friend and colleague realized that you actually can go home again and be welcomed back as a hero. I’m proud to know that I had a part in helping Ronn realize his dream of legal marijuana in Morgan County.

And then this evening, another friend came over with some of the best flower I’ve had in awhile. Even better, he wanted to tell me that he’s moving back to Pennsylvania to put the expertise he’s developed here in Colorado to work on their legalization efforts. So proud to be sending one of my little fledglings off to change his part of the world. Fly Adam! Fly!

That’s just two days.

I am amazed and grateful for the work we do, the conversations we have, and the lives we touch each and every day.

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