Beyond marijuana candy: Real tips for safe Halloween trick-or-treating (Video)

The Denver Police Department released a video (see below) warning parents to beware of marijuana-infused edible candy in their child’s trick-or-treat bag. This story has now made it into the national news, even though there’s never been a case of anyone handing out marijuana edibles for Halloween. And yesterday I read in Westword how law enforcement in Nebraska are using this to scare parents in Omaha.

It’s unfortunate that by focusing on marijuana, and continuing to paint marijuana consumers as criminals out to corrupt your children, DPD missed an opportunity to provide parents with real tips for a safe Halloween. So since they neglected to do their job, I’m doing it for them. Please watch my video with real information parents can use to keep their kids safe on All Hallows Eve.

For more helpful tips on Halloween safety, check out these links:

7 Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips (from Readers Digest)

Halloween Health and Safety Tips (from the CDC)

How to Have a Safe & Happy Halloween with Kids (from

You can watch the Denver Police Department’s warning video below.

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