3 Tools for Activists, Advocates & Political Junkies

handsPeople always ask me about what’s going on with certain issues or bills. They want to know when the hearings are, who’s sponsoring it, and other details.

I have to tell you that there is no way I could keep track of things if I didn’t have a couple of tools, often using them all at the same time. Here are three tools that I use regularly.

General Assembly

First, get to know the web site for your state’s General Assembly. You can link to the Colorado General Assembly here. Here you’ll find contact information for every state legislator, lists of bills that have been introduced, links to watch or listen online, and much more.


LegiScan is a great tool no matter what state you’re in. I rely on its search function with marijuana and drugs as my top search terms. You can monitor bills and even set up discussion groups.

Colorado Capitol Watch

I rely on Colorado Capitol Watch to keep my calendar up to date. You can monitor bills and have an updated calendar sent directly to your email box every day.

Cannabis Patients Alliance Calendar

We try to keep our calendar up to date with events Colorado patients should know about like hearings and gatherings. If we’ve missed something, or if you have an event you think patients should be aware of, please contact us.

So if you want to keep up with what’s going on, you might check out these and other tools. I guarantee they will make your life easier.

I’m always looking for new tips. What tools for tracking legislation have you found? Any good apps?

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