SB-14 Draft (not final) of Colorado Medical Marijuana Caregiver Bill

We received a pre-amended draft of SB15-014, the Caregiver Bill that would toughen registration requirements on marijuana caregivers and provide guidelines to doctors who recommend medical marijuana.

The bill has been scheduled for hearing by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Thursday, February 26, at 1:30.

A link to a PDF of the draft of the bill is here: Strike Below 2.11.15

Keep in mind that the bill isn’t final. The Senate Sponsor will be holding a meeting for all interested medical marijuana stakeholders to discuss any other recommended changes on Tuesday, February 17 at 4 pm in SCR 356 at the Capitol.

Please feel free to email your comments and suggestions to the sponsor, Sen. Irene Aguilar at

What do you think? Has the bill gone too far? Not far enough? Leaving something out? We want to know what you think. Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Thank you friends for sharing. Siggghhhh I don’t mind the registering part so much but the plant count thing they have got to tone down. Why do we need to have a waiver from the Department for extended plant counts when the doctors determine that. Do they realize how much this will back log them in paperwork it’s absurd and what about those patients that only consume cannabis via infused products???? 6 plant count is a serious joke. You can treat much of anything with that. If a Caregiver grows more than 99 plants how are they to be licensed? I guess I am a little confused on a Caregiver that may not be a growing Caregiver. Why then can’t a patient have both a Caregiver and a Center. Aren’t they going to need the center to grow their plants while the Primary Caregiver does everything else. A patient that simply grows for themselves should not have to register isn’t that infringing on Patient rights? What constitutes exceptional circumstances for an extended plant count? This just seems like just about anyone in any situation could be criminalized at anytime??????


  2. If I show a Parent how to grow MM for their kids, does that make me a Primary Caregiver?

    Patient: My doctor says grow 24 plants. CDPHE says 6 is the limit. How many can I grow – 9 per A64?

    What is a “bona-fide patient-physician relationship”? I currently have no insurance. I have not had a doctor since vaccines and western medicine disabled me 30+ years ago.


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