The continuing evolution of the Caregiver Bill

SB15-014 The Caregiver Bill continues to evolve as we continue to ask for concessions and amendments.

Is it there yet? Is it something you can support?

We still have our reservations and concerns.

If you have further changes to suggest, please send an email to the bill’s sponsor, Senator Irene Aguilar before 5:00 p.m. Monday (2/23) at

Take a look at the latest version of the bill: Caregiver Bill SB014_L_002-3

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  1. Hi, Would this be the appropriate venue for me to discuss the problem of MMJ doctors charging patients a lot of EXTRA money if they require a higher plant count? (especially when they don’t even know how to treat people with the cannabis they write prescriptions for!). Thanks for all you do! Tammy Vaughan, R.N.


    • Sure, you can talk about that here, but you really need to tell Sen. Aguilar. She knows it’s an issue. Some docs charge extra because it requires additional paperwork for expanded plant counts, but that should be reasonable. I know some places are gouging patients.



  1. Status: Medical Marijuana in Schools | Cannabis Patients Alliance

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