Big loss for the cannabis community in Denver


The cannabis community suffered a very disappointing loss in Denver Monday night. The City Council voted unanimously to ban all grows over 36 plants unless they are part of the regulated industry. Remember that when you go to the polls in May.

Although Councilwoman Susan Shepherd had a motion to delay the vote, and made phone calls asking colleagues for support, she couldn’t convince anyone to agree to second her motion. In the end, every city council member voted in favor.

This ordinance was rushed through with little public input. Just 8 speakers were allowed 2 minutes each at a committee meeting before the ordinance was introduced.

Although we launched an aggressive last-minute phone call and email campaign, bombarding the council with requests for a delay and public hearing, although we had people at the City and County Building trying to talk with councilmembers and staff on Monday, all attempts at reason were thwarted. The City Council simply wasn’t interested in hearing anything about the devastating step they were about to take.

The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) played a big roll in this endeavor. Feel free to boycott their members, if you can figure out who they are. Luke Ramirez with Walking Raven, one of the chosen 8, testified at the committee meeting in support of this measure.

Next step? Sue the City of Denver. Attorneys are already looking for plaintiffs to join law suits.

From Attorney Rob Corry:
Plaintiffs Needed! The Law Office of Corry & Associates is seeking pro bono plaintiffs for a public interest / civil rights lawsuit against Denver’s unconstitutional proposal to limit plant counts. Preferably, current medical marijuana patients with elevated plant counts who reside in, or have their plants grown in, the City and County of Denver. In the past we have successfully obtained Preliminary Injunctions against similar arbitrary government limits. If interested call 303-634-2244.

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  1. Look the people should decide if they want this change to a law they passed. Its pretty shady what the city council is trying to do. If you agree like us on facebook.


  2. Wow!! A bait and switch! ! I wonder who is in who’s pocket! ! When I moved here about 5 or 6 years ago we could grow what we needed and sell the overages to dispenseries!! That next year they changed it and we all watched business men and women who knew nothing of the plant, and more likely then not, we’re opposed to it being legal!!. Well good thing, just like with anything in life, corporate America takes it over and makes a complete mockery out of it. I hate how it was about the medical benefits it has on most any ailment, and so quickly became all about money! ! Is there ANY THING left in this crumbling country of ours that hasn’t been drained of its soul only to make profit on? I overdosed on opiates while on probation in mn some years back, maybe 8 or 9 years ago? I can say to everyone some people need misses mary Jane , if not for anything else, then for mental stability!! What’s the best way to not get sick…stay happy!! Well as we all know the feds thought it was a schedule 1 drug since 1937!! Which we all kno it’s not being it has more medical benefits than anything! ! Well we kno that Nixon classified the very documents that proved it cured cancer, and then went on for decades with the facade it had absolutely no medical benefits! ! So what did this tell us? ?? One, people would rather propaganda be our truth and deny all fact then to even consider making our own rational choices based off fact and science! ! Two, and here is the major one we all know but love to not think on, money!! Just like 100% of what america has become, it’s all about the bottom line and who can or can’t make money! ! WOW Now Ur Going to turn pharmaceutical on this all natural plant? Now that the feds see what they call it’s “potential” here they come. They have not a care in the world amt curing or helping anyone, the potential they see on it is the same as all the fukn wall street fuks colorado has taken in and allowed to ruin the only good thing left, and lots of it!! That’s why there is no super dank grass hrre!! Aka medical marijuana! ! Let’s put people over profits just this once, please! ! I mean are we not accomplishing our money goals with all the heroin flooding our nation thanks to the war? Let’s just keep one thing pure!! I for one don’t want big pharma patenting my plant. It’s the only thing that has keep me stable and cures all my ailments just from getting happy a few times daily! ! I see this and it’s a joke! ! Anyone who grows medicine knows it’s hard to do what u need to with a plant count at all! ! U should be able to grow as much ass u want, unless someone can explain the negative effects of too much love and medicine, minus how it could lower profits! !! Fukn hypocritical assholes!!! I have nerve damage extensively in both legs from heroin, chalk it up to ignorance of youth but regardless how u see me, just kno marijuana is what stopped me from fighting, opened my eyes to an open mindedness, and makes my legs feel ok everyday! ! That’s right with no pharmaceuticals! !!! I have met people since moving here who were on numerous pills all day everyday that now ONLY smoke or eat cannabis and are now fine!! I hate how this state pretends to be the first “open minded” state but in reality it’s just as closed as anyone from 1937 and on!! All u see is money. U don’t care how anyone feels or how suck or In pain they are! And do u kno what s bag from the store costs? Lol wow no insurance is going to cover ur weed!! So it off pocket ur fukd!! Unless u grow or give small donations to ur choice of caregiver!! Well I thought it was horrible how I moved here for medical marijuana and now there basically saying I can’t have it on probation again but they will let me go get on, oxycodone 3-30mg a day, Adderall, as needed, and Xanax as needed to calm me down! ! Sure I’ll take ur fukn drugs, not like they turned me into a junkie before. And killed me twice!! Just can’t have mmj on probation and now not really enough at all. I can’t wait to see me relapse again and probably due this time all because they are ignorant! ! My plant count is 99 and is still not even close to what I need. Ow well I guess how could I do anything without money to pay my way to closing the noose around people who care. People who actually do it to help people not just supply a demand!! I guess I don’t understand what free enterprise is? ? I thought it was the right to do what ever anyone else can do and charge whatever u feel right. Instead u have to meet certain criteria and have 20-30k just to try to hopefully get accepted so u can help the cause not get paid from it!! Fuk n people ur supposed to set an example for the rest not act like ignorant kids fighting over profit loss!! I’m sickened of this place and now am moving back to mn where if I can’t smoke or grow I might as well have my family and friends!# which I gave up to be comfortable, healthy, and not having to worry about being arrested! ! Thanks colorado for the good old bait and switch!!! I should fukn sue u but since ur a for profit state only, which we kno fron ur court systems being owned by the judges themselves, we also kno unless we can line pockets with our gold, then we really have no say! ! Fuk u name one reason for a reduced plant count? One harm any amount of grass can do? Let’s say u have 100 lbs compared to say 1 lb. Where does it become dangerous? It doesn’t! ! Well anyway I hope u enjoy watching u family and kids die from cancer and other ailments because of ur unjustifiable greed and ignorance! ! Lol what a joke our forefathers would spit in ur face and hold u for treason to take away a plant we had to legalize in the first place. pathetic!! Hopefully I dont die from opiates this time. Ow the sickness from them is ok too I love to be dope sick and still in pain when I don’t have to be. U money hungry fuks!!!


  3. It’s not the Doctors that need to be suspended. The Doctors prescribe. It is the Department of Revenue that takes the prescription THEN approves or rejects. It is the Department of Revenue that needs to be suspended.


    • Doctors can’t actually ‘prescribe’ cannabis. But they can recommend it. There is no prescription. However, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (the CDPHE, not the Dept. of Revenue) review the ‘recommendation’ generally for completeness to add a patient to the medical marijuana registry. Issues around doctors who recommend medical marijuana getting suspended is coming from the Medical Board who oversee licensing. We fought them over this last year.


  4. LOL! I wonder how 3 years went by and I just saw this. Fuck yeah I testified against higher grow counts, and I’d do it again. Uneducated idiots, all you were doing is supporting the black market like the “Toker Poker” ring who was busted last year and abused the shit out of the patient cultivation limits!

    -Luke Ramirez


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