No fooling! Asking you to support Cannabis Patients Alliance

lynn-grasberg-square-wpcf_300x300-stretchedHappy birthday to my friend Lynn Grasberg! April Fool’s Day is quite the appropriate birthday for a humor expert and professional clown!

I’ll never forget the day she drove up in a used but very nice Subaru. When I commented on her car she told me friends gave it to her.

“Wow!” I said. “That’s quite a gift. How did that happen?”

“I asked the Universe for a car, and the Universe delivered,” she replied, then continued to tell me the story about how, out of the blue, friends called to offer her a car just when she needed one.

“Gee, I wish someone would give me a car,” I said, somewhat envious of her new found fortune.

“Well, did you ask?” was her response.

I’ve always remembered that little conversation and the lesson I learned. You’ve gotta ask.

So I’m asking.

In honor of my friend Lynn on this April Fool’s Day, I’m asking the Universe and YOU for help.

This is NOT an April Fool’s joke. We need funding NOW if we’re going to continue this important work for patients. Without your financial support, we will be forced to direct our time and energy elsewhere. So please, donate now so medical marijuana patients can continue to have a voice.

Donate at!

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