To my friends in the industry who oppose testing of medical marijuana

medical-drug-marijuanaTo my friends in the regulated industry who are actively opposing testing of medical marijuana:

How many of you voted for Amendment 64, or eagerly jumped in after it passed? I remember seeing many of you at the 2012 election night celebration at Casselman’s.

You did actually read Amendment 64, right? Did you happen to notice that it established a new license for testing labs? Did you really think those were only for recreational use?

Amendment 64 says that it doesn’t apply to medical marijuana. I was not so naive as to believe that they could actually keep the two entirely separate. I knew that some of the regulations would likely trickle down onto medical. That’s why I followed the Amendment 64 Task Force so closely, attending nearly every meeting including working groups. Many of you were there. I know. I saw you.

I know that you’re all smart people. Not naive. That’s why I can’t believe that any of you could think that somehow at least some of those rules, especially testing, wouldn’t apply to medical as well. It was glaringly obvious that licensed testing labs were the one critical category missing from the medical marijuana code, hence their addition to the A64 code. Patients have been waiting, expecting to get testing of medical products since it only seemed logical.

You voted for and celebrated the passage of Amendment 64. You’ve taken advantage of opportunities to conflate the two when it worked to your advantage, like the transfer of plants and products from medical to recreational so you could move forward with your business plans that much faster. (Yes, patients are still sore about that one.) But now you don’t like it when it might negatively impact your medical bottom line?

My advice? Get over it. Suck it up.

Testing of products from the medical marijuana industry is inevitable. The only question is when. By delaying testing you may be adding to your profit margin, but you’re really hurting patients, the very people you built your entire industry on.

Enough is enough! It’s time to get out of the way and give patients the information they need and deserve.

For my friends in the industry who are supporting testing of medical marijuana, thank you! We want to know who you are so patients can thank you by supporting you as well.

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  1. I can’t believe anyone would be against testing of medical marijuana. I am a new patient in desperate need of pain relief for fibromyalgia and wouldn’t consider putting something in my body that was not tested. I have a family that depends on me and to take the chance of having some harmful subtance put in my system would unthinkable. Please do what is right for those of us who so desperatly need the pain relief of medical marijuanna.


    • I agree, Leslie. It’s a money thing. I know testing puts additional pressure on the industry, and I understand, from a business side, why they might object. But those objections aren’t enough to override the needs of patients anymore. We waited and watched while everyone fretted over recreational marijuana. We’ve waited long enough. Now it’s our turn.


  2. Some members of the industry, like Denver Relief, are in full support of testing even for patients and caregivers. We need to support those who support us, so please give Denver Relief some love. And let us know of others who need a shout out.


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