Week of April 12: What did you do for patients this week?

Our allies at the hearing for SB260 on testing of Medical Marijuana.

Our allies at the hearing for SB260 on testing of Medical Marijuana.

What did you do for medical marijuana patients this week?

It’s been a busy week for Cannabis Patients Alliance! We need your support!

  • We organized kick-ass testimony from an excellent group of allies for an important bill on testing of medical marijuana from the industry. Fifteen out of the 26 who testified did so because we invited them. Greg got kudos from our own state senator Jessie Ulibarri for doing such an excellent job of bringing speakers into testify.
  • We worked with a group of dedicated child welfare advocates, agency representatives, health care experts and social workers to put the final touches on an education campaign about keeping kids safe around substances and hazards. Join us at the launch party on Wednesday, April 22!
  • We worked with Larisa Bolivar and the Cannabis Consumers Union to address concerns about the marijuana industry’s use of pesticides and the risk that poses to patients.
  • We communicated with doctors, legislators, the CDPHE and even the governor’s office to address concerns regarding the CDPHE’s policy on physicians who recommend medical marijuana.
  • We worked with legislators to solve issues related to kids using medical marijuana at school. (Hint: we think we’ve found a solution. Stay tuned!)
  • We talked with the CDPHE to clarify once again their position on waivers for caregivers and how that policy will change once the Caregiver Bill passes.
  • We followed the Caregiver Bill through the Senate, our lobbyist standing in the entrance of the Senate on Tuesday morning as it was debated and passed. Onto the House!

These are just some of the highlights of our week. This doesn’t include all the time spent communicating with patients, elected officials, staffers, agencies, labs, and so many others. It also doesn’t include all the on-going work we do on issues like medical marijuana on probation or the time networking with advocates and activists in other states.

We don’t work for the industry. We work for patients. We work for you. We aren’t paid by big money from the marijuana industry. We rely on contributions from patients and supporters to continue the work we do. Without your support, we can’t continue to make sure the voice of patients isn’t drowned out by this tidal wave of legalization.

Your contribution (not tax deductible) is vital to our continued efforts! Donate today!

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