Advice from a canna-mom to potential refugees

welcome to colorado weed

Thank you Wendy St. Cyre for sharing your experience. It’s important that people who are considering moving to Colorado have an idea of what they can expect.

To potential refugees:

My family has been here 7 months now. Not trying to dissuade, but it’s not always easy.

Please PLAN. Of course if a situation is life or death that’s not always possible. But I see all of these folks on the various boards getting here and then having a freak out.

CO can be very expensive and the weather can be very unpredictable. If you have a child with poor health, the stress of living in a hotel might compound all of this and as expensive as hotels are you might find yourself in a vicious cycle of using up your funds. Unless you have friends to put you up, You will need money for rent, deposits, utility deposits, car registrations, moving, gas, just like any other state.

Medicaid and services can take a bit to get up and running- though pretty quick here.

COBRA your insurance for one month if possible, depending on when new insurance will kick in with a new job. If you are coming without a job, have reserves for a few months.

It can be difficult to find a landlord to rent to you if you do not have a job in some instances. Mentioning your coming for “medical marijuana” isn’t always a good idea for jobs and/or housing.

Of course if you plan on vaping or smoking you need to be aware of the rules of the housing or you could end up violating lease and end up on your butt. But most would never know if you are using oils and/or are tolerant. Read the lease.

Obviously also, apt complexes are not going to allow grows if that’s in your plan. Bring diapers and meds to use until services are going.

Using our numbers this is what our trip looked like:

  • Rent (1 BR): $1200
  • Deposit: $1200
  • Pet deposit: $300
  • Gas from NC: $800
  • Budget truck and trailer to pull handicap van: $1206 (husband drove out)
  • Airline tix for my son and I to come out once my husband got furniture in: $800
  • Cash for MMJ doc appts: $275
  • Cannabis Oil: $300 per month (this varies per person and weight and needs)
  • COBRA insurance one month: $1400

I don’t remember how much utility deposits and car registration was. You have 90 days to register your car.

One idea might be to use a property mgr (most realtors deal in home SALES) to find a house rental. Most good apt complexes won’t mind videoing the apt and sending it to you via email so that you can check the place out. I wouldn’t rent anything I’d not seen at least by video or a friend looking it over.

Anyway….just wanted to shed a little realism.

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  1. Keep your old plates on the car for as long as possible, until your out of state registration is up. military comes here and does it all the time, unless the registration is close to expiration get it renewed in your home state. car registration fees go according to the value of the car annually. My 2008 Suzuki XLS ( cross over SUV bb value about $10,000) cost me this year $200. The year before it cost $300 and the year before that $500. that is EVERY YEAR. If you are a disabled veteran with at least 30% VA disability print out your percentage from ebenefits before going to DMV for plates, Disabled Veteran plates is no registration fee ever.

    Do change over your ID and drivers license. But arrange to keep the out of state plates on your car for as long as possible.


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