5 Reasons You Should Support Cannabis Patients Alliance Today!

give me 5 handJust because the 2015 Legislative Session is over doesn’t mean the work stops. It just means our focus shifts a bit from legislation and policy to education and outreach. Cannabis Patients Alliance is still working hard for patients by continuing to advocate for safe, legal, affordable access to medical marijuana across Colorado and around the country.

With a seat on the Scientific Advisory Council, we have moved acceptance of PTSD as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Colorado closer than its ever been before. On July 15, the Board of Health will hold a hearing regarding this recommendation by the SAC. CPA is leading this effort, and we need your help.

Medical Marijuana in Schools:
We worked closely with the legislature to pass “Jack’s Amendment” which allows school districts to adopt policies regarding medical marijuana. Now the work continues as we educate administrators, teachers, parents and students about medical marijuana and the need to develop reasonable policies around its use in schools.

Changing the Conversation:
We have made connections and built relationships with policy-makers, key stakeholders and agencies including public health, revenue, law enforcement, transportation, education and child welfare. Along with a seat on the Scientific Advisory Council, our founder and executive director Teri Robnett also sits on the Marijuana Education Oversight Committee that advises Colorado’s “Good to Know” campaign.

Under the guidance of Jade Woodard and Colorado DEC, working with a group of dedicated child welfare advocates, agency representatives, health care experts and social workers, we have developed a new education campaign about keeping kids safe: SmartChoicesSafeKids.org. We continue working with individuals and organizations like Drug Policy Alliance and Colorado NORML to change laws related to cannabis use and employment, housing and parental rights.

Continuing to reach out to patients and the public through media, classes, panels, workshops, support groups, activities and events, Cannabis Patients Alliance is building a resource network to provide needed information about medical marijuana and the real life experience of patients.

Our ability to continue this important work depends on YOU. Throw a fundraiser. Volunteer. Tell your friends. DONATE. Be an ally! We can’t do this without you!

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