Top 10 Colorado counties with medical marijuana patients

As of the end of July 2015, there were 113,862 current and active medical marijuana patients registered with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). These are the counties with the highest patient population.

El Paso 18,827 16.5%
Denver 17,844 15.7%
Jefferson 12,326 10.8%
Arapahoe 11,482 10.1%
Adams 8,219 7.2%
Boulder 8,110 7.1%
Larimer 5,371 4.7%
Pueblo 3,611 3.2%
Douglas 3,583 3.1%
Weld 3,314 2.9%

With bans and moratoriums in place, many of these counties do not have full access to cannabis for patients.


Medical Marijuana Regulatory Status

This is the most current map we could find. We’re not sure exactly what YES and NO refer to and the original web site doesn’t explain.

As you can see, Colorado has become a patchwork of local laws. We still have a lot of work to do to ensure that patients across the state have safe, legal, affordable access to medical cannabis. We need your support! Please, DONATE NOW or BECOME AN ALLY so we can continue this important work.

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