By the Numbers: Medical Marijuana Caregivers and Patients

Cannabis_And_ColoradoMore interesting info from the medical marijuana statistical data at the CDPHE.

Colorado had 113,862 patients on the medical marijuana registry at the end of July 2015. Of those, only 1,195 had caregivers growing plant counts greater than 6 (1.05%). The majority of extended plant counts (829) fell in the 11-25 plant range, a completely reasonable number for those with special needs. No patients had recommended plant counts above 99.

As of July 31, there were 3,083 caregivers registered with the CDPHE. Of those, 2,369 (77%) were serving a single patient. Only 15 caregivers statewide were caring for more than five patients. That’s less than .05% of caregivers across the state.

The CDPHE doesn’t tell us how many patients have chosen a primary caregiver; only that 29.7% (around 34,000) have designated a caregiver or medical marijuana center. That does not mean that the other 70.3% are growing at home. Many simply haven’t made a designation since it isn’t required in order to shop at a medical marijuana center.

Looking at the numbers, do you think large caregivers and extended plant counts are the big issues they’re being made out to be?

You can review the statistics yourself at the CDPHE web site on medical marijuana.

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