How to evaluate cannabis research: Response from the RMPHAC

Back in June, Cannabis Patients Alliance and the Drug Policy Alliance sent a joint letter to the Colorado Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee (RMPHAC) regarding how they were reviewing and evaluating marijuana research.

We finally received a response, and it was actually pretty positive. It sounds like they are taking our concerns and suggestions and putting them into practice. This was evident in their September meeting when our letter was on the agenda and a large part of the discussion revolved around revisions to literature review methods.

That’s progress.

You may not understand the role and importance of this particular committee.

According to their bylaws:

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is responsible for appointing a panel of health care professionals with expertise in cannabinoid physiology to examine and monitor health information relevant to marijuana use. The panel shall establish criteria for studies to be reviewed, reviewing studies and other data and make recommendations for policies intended to protect consumers of marijuana or marijuana products and the general public.

In other words, this committee reviews current research and makes recommendations on appropriate public health statements that then become part of policy. These statements and policies infiltrate the messaging coming from the CDPHE including the Good to Know campaign. By challenging the way they review and evaluate research, we can encourage more evidence-based policies and messaging rather than the same old Rat Cages and Reefer Madness.

Read the response from the Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee.

Read the letter sent from DPA and CPA to the Committee.

Cannabis Patients Alliance will continue to monitor the work of this committee and submit new research for evaluation. We’ll work to encourage fair evaluations of research and development of evidence-based public health statements. We’re looking forward to building our relationships with this committee as well as with the CDPHE.

Cannabis Patients Alliance is working hard for patients by continuing to advocate for legal, safe and affordable access to medical marijuana across Colorado and around the country. Your contribution will go a long way toward keeping our advocacy alive and ensuring patients needs are included in the discourse on public policy and education. We are changing hearts and minds, one conversation at a time. Please DONATE today so our work can continue!



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