Jack’s Law: We’ve come a long way, baby (Video)

Congratulations Colorado!

On Monday, June 6, 2016, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law “Jack’s Law” requiring school districts to make a policy regarding the use of medical marijuana in schools. This was an exciting milestone moment for cannabis patients. This legislation recognizes both the medicinal benefits of cannabis and respects the rights of patients.

Back in 2012, when I first testified at the Capitol, when I would introduce myself as a medical marijuana patient, people looked at me like I was an alien. We’ve come a long way since then, after working diligently for patients for years, to finally be in a position to pass favorable legislation like Jack’s Law.

Over the years, Cannabis Patients Alliance has stepped up for patients time and time again. We’ve testified at hearings, brought patients to the Capitol for Patients Day, communicated with agencies and organizations, participated on working groups and in stakeholders meetings, represented patients on panels and in debates, coached new advocates and talked with the media about critical issues, always making sure that patients have a voice and their needs are considered in policies affecting them.

We are changing hearts and minds one conversation at a time.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done and are grateful to everyone who worked hard to pass Jack’s Law, especially Rep. Jonathan Singer, Sen. Chris Holbert, and advocate moms Stacey Linn and Amber Wann.

We still have a lot more work to do. It takes a lot of time and effort to unwind the long tentacles resulting from decades of the drug war.

We need to resolve issues around marijuana and child welfare, employment, housing, medical care and more. We need to work with counties and cities to establish reasonable regulations around cannabis. We need to expand the list of conditions to get a medical marijuana license in Colorado to include PTSD and others. We need to protect patients’ access to the medicine they need. We need to educate the public about the enormous benefits of cannabis and provide support to those who choose cannabis. And we need to reach out to more states, advocating for medical marijuana patients as legalization progresses.

We can’t do it without your financial help. Please step up for us so we can continue to step up for patients. Join Cannabis Patients Alliance.

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