About CPA

Cannabis Patients Alliance

Cannabis Patients Alliance is an alliance of patients, families, organizations, businesses, advocates, activists and other supporters who work together to protect and advance the rights of patients who choose to use medical cannabis (marijuana) to treat whatever their condition may be.

We believe in safe, legal, affordable access to medical marijuana in whatever way works best for the patient: home growing, caregivers, medical marijuana industry, retail marijuana industry or pharma and access should be available through any and all of those means.

Cannabis Patients Alliance was founded by Teri Robnett who many know as medical marijuana patient advocate Rx MaryJane. She is considered one of the foremost experts on medical marijuana policy in the Colorado.

Cannabis Patients Alliance is the most effective political voice for medical marijuana patients in Colorado. Through a dedicated group of volunteer experts, The Alliance has stepped forward for patients at all levels of government from following the Governor’s Task Force on Amendment 64 and lobbying for patients rights at the State Capitol, to participating on several Rulemaking Committees for the Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division and working with counties and local communities in developing reasonable regulations that insure patients continue to have safe, affordable access to medicinal cannabis.

Their work doesn’t stop at the state line. Collaborating with advocates, activists, and policy makers in states across the country at all stages of legalization, Cannabis Patients Alliance advises on effectively advocating for medical cannabis patients’ rights and needs.

Your support will ensure that Cannabis Patients Alliance can continue to be a voice for patients, can continue to educate leaders and the public, and can continue to advocate for patients in Colorado and across the country. Unfortunately, your donation is not tax-deductible because we do engage in lobbying efforts, but it’s important that you contribute just the same so we can keep working for patients.

Public Policy and Public Education

Advocating for good public policy regarding the rights and needs of medical cannabis patients as well as cannabis consumers overall.

Educating elected officials, policy-makers, criminal justice officials, medical professionals and the public about the medicinal benefits of marijuana.

A Resource for the Media

In addition to participating in policy-making and advocacy, we have served as a reliable source for the press when issues facing medical marijuana patients arise. We have been interviewed and quoted by over 100 local, state, national and international media outlets. Read more about our involvement with the press here.

Cannabis Patients Alliance is applying for nonprofit status from the Internal Revenue Service, but our request has not yet been granted. Donations to Cannabis Patients Alliance are not tax-deductible.

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