Cannabis Patients Day 2015

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Cannabis Patients Alliance is the most effective voice for medical marijuana patients in Colorado. Through a dedicated group of volunteer and paid experts, The Alliance has stepped forward for patients to advocate at all levels of government for reasonable regulations that insure patients continue to have safe, legal and affordable access to medicinal cannabis.

  • Advocating for good public policy regarding the rights and needs of medical cannabis patients as well as cannabis consumers overall.
  • Educating elected officials, policy-makers, criminal justice officials, medical professionals and the public about the medicinal benefits of marijuana.

Here are brief highlights of our work:


  • Consulted with the CDPHE on development and launch of their new online patient registry system
  • Worked with advocates and the Longmont City Council to craft a more reasonable ordinance regulating home cultivation
  • Consulted with Saguache County Commissioners in drafting local cannabis ordinances
  • 15350530_10211398769148672_6137349303255493766_nWorked to connect veterans heading to Standing Rock, ND, to the Native American community through Four Winds Community Center in Denver. Worked to rescue stranded veterans and see them returned safely back home to Colorado.
  • Spoke to clinicians at the CORE Network Conference about the importance of listening to patients.
  • Worked with other groups to organize and facilitate a 3-day camping retreat for veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress
  • Helped direct volunteers toward cannabis-friendly candidates and campaigns
  • Appointed to the Boulder Marijuana Advisory Panel to review and recommend changes to local ordinances
  • Successfully won a court case to allow a patient to continue to use medical marijuana while on probation for a DUI.
  • Provided court support for physicians facing suspension of their medical licenses because of marijuana
  • Launched The Good Lab to test for patients and caregivers (a private enterprise)
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    Signing Jack’s Law

    Building on Jack’s Amendment to the 2015 Caregiver Bill, worked with legislators and advocates to pass Jack’s Law requiring school districts to make policy regarding administration of medical marijuana to students

  • Worked with a group of child welfare stakeholders on a public health analysis of how child welfare agencies deal with marijuana and recommend changes. Worked to bring forth beneficial legislation to address discrepancies in child welfare policy, bringing stakeholders from both sides of the issue together who had never sat down and discussed the issue with each other before.
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    Hosted the Second Annual Cannabis Patients Day at the Capitol along with a memorial dove release, bringing in over 200 patients and supporters to meet their legislators


  • Participated on the Testing Outside of the Regulated System Working Group (Sen. Aguilar)
  • Participated on a panel discussing “From Illicit to Licit: Challenges of Marijuana Legalization” at the Annual Reform Conference by the Drug Policy Alliance in Washington, DC
  • Passed legislation requiring medical marijuana produced by the industry to be tested by licensed labs.
  • Collaborated with a team of child welfare stakeholders to develop a new educational campaign for parents around keeping kids safe from substances called Smart Choices Safe Kids
  • Advocated before the Medical Board for patients needs and rights regarding physicians who recommend medical marijuana
  • Marijuana Education Oversight Committee (MEOC) launches statewide marijuana educational campaign “Good to Know” as well as education aimed at teens called “Protect What’s Next
  • Appointed to the MED Rulemaking Group on Testing/Packaging/Labeling
  • Worked agressively to add PTSD as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Convinced the SAC to make a favorable recommendation to the Board of Health. Recruited over 50 supporters to testify favorably at the BOH hearing.
  • Participated in the Sunset Review of Retail Marijuana for the 2016 Legislative Session
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    Signing the Caregiver Bill

    Worked with Senator Irene Aguilar and Rep. Jonathan Singer in crafting the Caregiver Bill including defining the job of a caregiver, allowing parents to engage the services of a caregiver, providing for an online registry system, and Jack’s Amendment allowing schools to make policy regarding medical marijuana

  • Supported a slate of ten law enforcement reform bills, of which five were passed
  • Worked with Rep. Joseph Salazar to pass legislation allowing for the use of medical marijuana on while on probation
  • Cannabis Patients Day 2015 2

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    Hosted the First Annual Cannabis Patients Day at the Capitol, bringing in over 200 patients and supporters to meet their legislators and explore The People’s House


  • Testified at the meetings of the MED Rulemaking Groups. Successfully got an exemption to the Child-resistant Packaging rule for disabled patients. Defeated proposed greenhouse restrictions by advocating for more sustainable cultivation methods
  • smart-choices-safe-kids-logoWorking with the Colorado Alliance for Drug-Endangered Children, formed a collaborative group of stakeholders to develop a campaign to educate parents about keeping kids safe from substances. (Smart Choices, Safe Kids)
  • Appointed by the Governor to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Marijuana Education Oversight Committee to develop a statewide campaign to educate the public about retail marijuana
  • Worked with Log Lane Village in Northeastern Colorado to bring medical and retail marijuana to Morgan County. Developed a successful plan to work with town trustees and communicate with residents in developing reasonable regulations that fit their small town.

    llv cutting the ribbon

    Ronn Nixon and Log Lane Village Mayor Ed Parker cutting the ribbon at Green Stop, the first marijuana dispensary in Morgan County.

  • Participated in the Medical Marijuana Sunset Review for the 2015 Legislative Session
  • Passed legislation to create the first publicly funded research into the benefits and efficacy of medical marijuana. Appointed as the patient representative to the Scientific Advisory Committee to review grant applications and make recommendations for funding.
    Successfully approved and funded nine grants for over $9 million.
  • Soundly defeated legislation to define a Drug-Endangered Child that could have threatened the parental rights of Colorado cannabis patients and consumers.
  • Collaborated with other organizations and businesses to develop an educational brochure on retail marijuana to be distributed at stores throughout Colorado


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    Teri Robnett, Most Valuable Advocate 2013

    Winner (Teri Robnett) of  Most Valuable Advocate for 2013 at the Cannabis Business Awards

  • Because there was no patient representative on the Governor’s Amendment 64 Task Force, we attended every meeting including sub-committees, speaking for patients and consumers
  • Worked with the Joint Committee on Retail Marijuana to develop reasonable regulations
    – Exemption allowing consumption in limosines (similar to alcohol)
    – Exemption allowing consumption in a recreational vehicle or motor home
  • Participated on two Rulemaking Groups for the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) of the Department of Revenue (DOR)
    – Edible Product Production Safety
    – Medical Differentiation Rulemaking
  • Defeated the DUI for THC Permissive Inference bill twice before it was passed in the final days of the legislative session
  • Defeated legislation to define a drug-endangered child
  • Testified at meetings of county commissioners and city councils on implementation of retail marijuana
  • Testified at the Denver City Council regarding local ordinances governing medical and retail marijuana
  • Defeated legislation to put money from the medical marijuana patient fund toward propping up the Marijuana Enforcement Division


  • Snapshot 1 (10-9-2014 7-24 AM)

    Testifying against the DUI for THC bill

    Attended the first meeting of the Governor’s Amendment 64 Task Force and committed publicly to representing patients at every meeting

  • Worked on and fundraised for campaigns to elect cannabis-friendly candidates
  • Defeated legislation to establish a 5 nanogram per se limit on THC in whole blood for a charge of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) (twice)
  • Defeated legislation to move money from the medical marijuana patient fund toward teen drug abuse

For more about Cannabis Patients Alliance and our advocacy work, please visit our page In the News.

For more about the work we’ve done, please review our public comments.

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