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Many people know Teri Robnett as the medical marijuana patient advocate Rx MaryJane. Teri is the Founder and Executive Director of Colorado-based Cannabis Patients Alliance, considered the most effective political voice for patients in the state.

A medicinal cannabis patient herself, Teri was diagnosed with fibromyalgia nearly three decades ago in 1987. In that time she tried nearly every drug and treatment available to control her pain, fatigue and other symptoms. In the spring of 2009 she was introduced to the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and her life was changed forever. In 2011, she gave up the last of her prescription medications and now uses cannabis exclusively to control her symptoms.

In 2012, Teri burst onto the political scene when her testimony and advocacy helped to defeat the 5ng THC for DUI bill in the Colorado Legislature. With marijuana legalization on the ballot, she and her husband actively campaigned to elect cannabis-friendly candidates.

In 2013, she followed the Governor's Task Force on Amendment 64, lobbied for cannabis patients rights at the State Capitol throughout the legislative session, and spent the remainder of the year working with counties and local communities in developing reasonable regulations regarding marijuana.

Teri was recognized as the Most Valuable Advocate in 2013 at the Cannabis Business Awards.

In 2014, she was appointed to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Scientific Advisory Council, which oversees the disbursement of $9 million in grants for medical marijuana research, and to the Marijuana Education Oversight Committee that developed the state's Good to Know campaign.

Teri has served on Rulemaking Groups by the Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue: Medical Differentiation (2013), Edible Product Production Safety (2013), and Testing, Packaging and Labeling (2015). And on the CDPHE's Working Group on Testing for Patients and Caregivers (2015-16).

Teri has recently been appointed to the City of Boulders Marijuana Advisory Council, and has joined the Colorado School of Public Health's stakeholders group overseeing a Marijuana and Child Welfare Assessment.

Teri regularly meets with legislators, policy-makers, and advocates from across the country and the world to discuss issues important to medical marijuana patients and act as a trusted advisor on policies affecting patients and cannabis consumers overall.

Teri is a Colorado native, a mother and grandmother, and one of the foremost experts on marijuana policy in Colorado.

Andrew Freedman, Colorado Director of Marijuana Coordination, referred to Teri as "THE Patient Advocate for Colorado". With her depth of knowledge and expertise, it's easy to see why.