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I love you anyway.

We do live in interesting times, don’t we? After suffering through a lengthy, destructive and contentious election, we are all left reeling, wondering what’s next. The political rhetoric has divided and damaged us as a nation and as people. And… Read More ›

Have a Cool Yule!

Have a Cool Yule! This has always been my favorite holiday greeting. It seems friendly and fun, connecting past to present. My oldest brother, Mike, would be 66 tomorrow, the day after Christmas. One year, when I was a kid,… Read More ›

Love your enemy

I’ve often thought about the saying “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It puzzled me back in childhood and still does today. I don’t think we love ourselves very much. I’m not talking about selfishness, arrogance or narcissism, which seem to be… Read More ›

My Beloved

You never know what you’ll find when you google yourself. I just found a poem I wrote years ago for my soulmate, now husband, published on someone else’s blog. They did give me credit, otherwise I never would have known…. Read More ›